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Vendor Registration
Terms & Conditions

Prior to the award of any purchase order, prospective vendors must complete the Vendor Registration Profile, Contractor Criminal and Fingerprinting Certification and Independent Contractor Questionnaire.

Marathon ISD's Standard Purchase Terms and Conditions

Sole Source Vendors
Tax Exempt

The Sole Source Affidavit is to be completed by any vendor that claims that their products or services are Sole Source and are therefore exempt from competition. 

Marathon ISD is a governmental entity - public education; and classified as a state tax exempt entity.  

Conflict of Interest

Vendors, please click on the Conflict of Interest button for information and requirements in accordance with Texas Local Government Code Chapter 176. 

Each vendor must certify that it is not identified on the Texas Comptroller's list of companies known to have contracts with, or provide supplies or services to a Foreign Terrorist Organization.  

Vendor must also certify that the vendor has been informed and abides by Tex Govt. Code 2270, that the Boycott of Israel is prohibited. 

Approved by MISD Board of Trustees on May 23, 2018

For Construction and facilities maintenance solicitations, MISD has, pursuant to Tex. gov. Code§2258.022, determined the prevailing wage rates to be paid during the performance of Construction Work by all Contractors and Subcontractors. 

Protest Against Award

An interested party may submit a written objection in regards to solicitations, cancellation or award of a contract for the procurement of supplies or services.

Athletic Officials

Athletic Officials Fee Schedule

University Interscholastic League Web Page

Please submit all required forms and certifications in person, by mail, fax or e-mail to:

Victoria Sanchez, Business Manager

Marathon ISD

PO Box 416

109 N. 5th Street

Marathon, TX 79842

(432) 386-4395/Fax