Students in grades 3-12 will have 100% of their courses online.  Teachers will continue to communicate with students and parents as this past week.  These students and parents do not need to report to the campus before May 4, 2020.


Students and parents in grades PreK-2nd grade need to report to the elementary campus for instructional packet and technology pick up on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 from 9:00 a.m.- 11:00 a.m.  Pick up will be curb service.  Drive up as you normally do to pick up your child after school.  Packets will be delivered to your vehicle.

Pick up breakfast will continue to be served from 7:30 a.m.- 8:30 a.m. at the MISD kitchen. Breakfast is for all students.


Please call 432-386-4431 if you have any questions. 


Use the Stop!It app to anonymously report

incidents of bullying. Click above to report.

Access Code: Marathon

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With science, we learn to ask questions, conduct research, experiment, test hypothesis, and draw conclusions. And we challenge ourselves to become more imaginative and curious everyday.


Mr. Jarrell's high school students constructed DNA models to learn how genetic code is formed and replicated, and how traits are inherited.


What hypothesis will you test today?

Marathon, Texas, enjoys Class 1 Dark Skies - the darkest possible on earth. This allows us to observe the night sky at a level of detail and clarity rarely possible from within a community. 


The astro-photography image above was aquired by Frederick Steiling on February 6-11, 2016 at the Marathon Sky Park, and shows M81 and M82 - a pair of galaxies in the constellation Ursa Major.

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